Scoop Bin dispenser - SBH001

Parameters of Scoop Bin dispenser - SBH001

Scoop bins for dispensing not only free flowing products
that gravity bin do but also those “hard to flow” ones,
such as gummy candies, spices, powder,Dried Fruits, Flour, Pasta etc.


重量 1 kg
尺寸 30 × 42 × 34 cm

BPA Free and FDA Approved




Bulk merchandising solution

Payment Term


Delivery Time

20-25 days depend on order quantity

Loading Port


Details about Scoop Bin dispenser - SBH001

Scoop Bin dispenser

More choice, less packaging waste

Bulk bins not only help to create visibility and let shoppers choose their exact product mix, they also help to reduce unnecessary packaging waste
With environmental considerations in focus for many shoppers, packaging-free merchandising presents an opportunity to demonstrate commitment to create more sustainable stores – and to differentiate one store from another. It also addresses emerging consumer trends of personalization and healthy snacking as shoppers can choose the exact product mix they would like to purchase. Finally, displaying and dispensing products in bulk is often perceived to be more affordable by shoppers and can impact value perception positively.

Customized to fit your needs

SMT offers a wide range of scoop and gravity bins that will create your perfect packaging-free experience. Our bins come in different styles and sizes, can be mounted to the wall or cross bar with hooks ; Or mounted on the racks of floor stands .

Key benefits

Shoppers can choose their exact product mix
Help to reduce packaging waste
Optimize selling space

From seller’s point of view:

Almost unbreakable import BPA Free material;

Easy to clean and install;

Well sealed to ensure food freshness and avoid be affected with damp and corrosion;

From Buyer’s point of view:

7. Display area makes products look full even empty in the body, also display area keep eye-attractive;

Furthermore, gravity bins ensure efficient ‘first in, first out’ stock rotation.

Cases that we have supplied:




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