Roller Plastic Shopping Basket 45L Blue

Parameters of Roller Plastic Shopping Basket 45L Blue

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Our plastic shopping baskets are the classic basket for all retailers. The baskets are stackable, available in different colors and versions. We can also print your company logo onto our baskets on your request.


重量 22.1 kg
尺寸 47.5 × 35 × 43.5 cm


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FOB Shanghai

Details about Roller Plastic Shopping Basket 45L Blue

Roller Plastic Shopping Basket 45L Blue


Shopping made easier than ever this handy roller basket combines the best of hand basket shopping without the effort.

If the load becomes too heavy, simply extend the pull-out handle and the roller wheels do all the work.


Capacity: Each shopping basket holds 45litres. The baskets are wide and deep, so your customers can spend more by filling them to the brim.

Made With: Made with a strong, durable plastic, these baskets will hold heavy items and withstand being fully stocked. The handles are a strong chrome plated steel, so they are not only tough, but they look great too.

Comfortable Handles: Each handle is covered in a smooth plastic, so it’s comfortable to hold and carry even when full. They won’t cut into your hands after a couple of heavy items are added.

Branding: Each basket has a flat space on each side, so you can incorporate branding if you wish. Have a chat to us if you’d like to know more about this, we can help.

Want to keep them neat? They can either be stacked within each other, or we have a plastic basket stand for that professional touch.


  • Light weight, modern design provides great utility
  • String plastic construction means no corrosion concerns
  • Separate extendable handle
  • Generous 45 litre capacity
  • Roller feature will boost basket sales
  • Stackable to save floor space


Product Series No. SMT-PB-10
Product Size 475*350*435mm
Product Capacity 45L
Packing Spec 475*360*1235mm
Quantity/Package 12 pcs
NW/Ctn 20.4kgs
GW/Ctn 22.1kgs
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